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Director – Chief Flying Instructor

Adrian Richardson –

Adrian started his flying career at Bruce Hartwig Flying School in Parafield, SA back in 1996, flying Piper Warriors. After a change of jobs and moving to Sydney Adrian continued his Flying career with Basair at Bankstown, NSW where he completed the majority of his training. Basair had a fleet of Cessna 152’s and had one Cessna 177 online which Adrian used to complete his cross-country navigation excercies. After moving back to Mildura in 2004 Adrian completed his Private Pilot’s Licence with Bendigo Aviation Services, and for the next 3 years Adrian built up enough hours to begin his Commercial Pilots Licence and completed his Commercial Pilots Licence with Bendigo Aviation Services in 2010. Adrian then went on to complete his General Aviation Grade 3 Instructor Rating in early 2011 with Bendigo Aviation under the direct guidence of Captain Chris Gobel.  During 2008 Adrian completed his Recreational Aviation Instructor ground studies in Murray Bridge, SA and in early 2011 completed his Recreational Instructor Rating with Sun Centre Ultralights, under the guidence of Cliff Banks, CFI. Adrian is now a Chief Flying Instructor for Recreational Aviation and a Grade 2 Instructor for General Aviation.