RA Aus Aircraft Maintenance


Under the approval from Recreational Aviation Australia for the school, Adrian holds L2 maintenance authority and is able to conduct your periodic line maintenance inspections and heavy maintenance requirements for 912 Rotax Engines.  Adrian holds an L2 unrestricted approval for all types of aircraft, so please call Adrian for a confidential discussion regarding your aircraft.  Adrian is also a qualified Fitter and Turner and has worked in his trade for many years.


Are you keeping up-to-date with your Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins for your aircraft?  If not, let us help you.  We can keep all the required directives and service bulletins for your aircraft on hand and provide timely advice to keep you doing what you love best, flying.


Give Adrian a call or contact us on the contact us page and let us help you keep your aircraft airworthy.


Happy Flying